Women of Advent: Devotions Only

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Women of Advent is an ebook of 24 daily devotions based on 24 women in the Bible who are a part of Jesus' genealogy, or play their own role in the redemptive narrative leading up to the coming of Jesus. 

This is for the Women of Advent devotions only. For the full quilt pattern (plus devotionals), sign up via this link here.


A popular tradition used through the season of Advent is that of the Jesse Tree - a tradition that started in the medieval church, using symbols to tell the story of God’s redemption woven throughout the Bible. It is a rich journey through the Bible, from Adam through to Christ, and comes from Isaiah 11:1 - There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch from his roots shall bear fruit. (ESV). 

Women Of Advent was inspired by this tradition, looking at many of the same stories but from the women’s perspective, and the stories of other women both in the family tree of Jesus and those that played a role in God’s plan for His people.