DIY Block Design eBook

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While some people describe it as a fun puzzle and others may describe it as a necessary evil, there's no escaping the fact that maths is an integral part of designing quilts. For me, I love the puzzle! And when you add in the other fact that as a trained school teacher, I love teaching, you get my first book - DIY Block Design.

DIY Block Design is the culmination of both these passions where I teach you everything needed to successfully design and make your own quilt blocks, from inspiration to sketching to cutting to sharing.

  • We examine basic block structure with loads of coloured examples using quilt blocks you know and love
  • Full tutorials and coloured diagrams for constructing common patchwork units, including the four methods of making half-square triangles
  • I teach you two methods for making quarter-square triangles
  • Plus two methods for making flying geese too
  • A maths chart and the formula for each method of constructing each unit - that's eight charts in total!
  • The step-by-step process I use when designing quilt blocks for you to use too