Aurora Sampler Quilt (PDF)

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Aurora is a starry sampler quilt filled with a variety of sizes of star quilt blocks, and includes a range of quilting techniques. It’s a very beginner-friendly pattern, with step-by-step instructions and colour diagrams included for each block. The pattern also include a colouring page so that you can plan out your starry masterpiece!

Aurora is AccuQuilt friendly, and notes are included for each block about what dies to use and how. You will be able to use the following dies:

  • Square – 4 1/2″ (4″ Finished) (8″ Qube Shape 1)
  • Half Square Triangle – 4″ Finished Square (8″ Qube Shape 3)
  • Quarter Square Triangle – 4″ Finished Square (8″ Qube Shape 4)
  • Triangles in Square – Center-4” Finished Square (8″ Qube Shape 13)
  • Triangles in Square – Sides-4” Finished Square (8″ Qube Shape 14)